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A chained index. There are two rows. The first is labelled Index value. There is then the number 100, followed by 7 sets of 3 dots. Above the 100 is an arrow, leading to the first set of dots. Then from that set is another arrow linking it to the next set, and so on to the end of the line. This gives 7 arrows in total. The next row is labelled Year. There is then a chain of 7 oval shapes, each overlapping slightly with the next one. The oval under the 100 in the first row contains the year 2007, the next one, under the first set of dots, contains 2008. The pattern continues in this way, the year increasing by 1 each time. The last entry, under the sixth set of dots, contains 2013, though it is clear that the numbers can continue further. Under the table is a cloud containing the words ‘2007 is the base year’. From it an arrow points to 2007 in the first link of the chain.

 4 A simple chained price index