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Figure 41
Figure 41 Control of mRNA synthesis during transcription of Hsp70. (a) RNA polymerase II pauses after synthesising about 25 nucleotides of the transcript as CHBF binds to HSE. (b) After a heat shock that produces part-denatured proteins heat-shock transcription factor (HSTF) is converted from an inactive into an active DNA-binding form. This occurs in response to the presence of part-denatured proteins. Monomers of HSTF link to form trimers that enter the nucleus. (c) Binding of activated (trimerized) HSTF to the heat-shock regulatory element (HSE) of the promoter of the Hsp70 gene, releases the paused RNA polymerase II, leading to rapid transcription of the Hsp70 gene

 4.1 Heat-shock proteins