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Evolution: artificial selection and domestication

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Figure 4
Figure 4a: AKG-Images; Figure 4b: Prado Museum, Madrid; Figure 4c: AKG-images/Joseph Martin
Figure 4 Dwarfism in humans. These portraits were produced in Spain in the early 17th century by Diego Velázquez (1599–1660) and Rodrigo de Villandrando (1590–1630), court painters to the Spanish royal family. (a) An adult achondroplastic dwarf with the typical disproportionately large head (detail from Las Meninas, 1656–7). Note the similarities to Figure 3c and d. (b) Philip III's son Philip with the dwarf Solplillo. This midget's head, limbs and body are more or less in proportion. (c) The infant Prince Baltasar Carlos with a dwarf servant, 1631

 2.2 Size and shape