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This figure consists of two images. The first is a black and white photograph showing Chairman Mao Zedong, on the left, meeting US President Richard Nixon, on the right. Chairman Mao wears a light-coloured ‘Mao suit’ jacket and white shirt and President Nixon a dark-coloured pin-striped suit with shirt and tie. The men smile at each other and shake hands.

The second image is a colour cartoon showing Mao and Nixon dancing romantically with each other. On the left, Mao wears a sand-coloured ‘Mao suit’ and an armband decorated with the Chinese flag. He holds a pink rose between his teeth. Nixon, wearing a suit and tie, embraces Mao with one arm and holds his hand with the other. Henry Kissinger stands slightly behind them playing the accordion and in the background a crescent moon forms part of a hammer and sickle.

 1.5 The twentieth century