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This image shows a form in two parts. Part A provides spaces for the following sections to be completed: ‘Name’, ‘Assignment Number’, ‘1: One or two things that I think I have done well or tried to do well’, ‘2: One or two things that were difficult and I’m not too happy about’, ‘3: My assessment of this piece of work’, 4: I would especially like feedback on the following areas – a: course related, b: skills related’, ‘5: Other comments or information I feel it is important that my tutor should know’. At the bottom of this section there is an instruction to ‘Please send this form with your assignment. Complete the reverse side when it is returned’. Part B contains the following sections to be completed: ‘6. My tutor’s comments on this assignment’, ‘7: My response to those comments’, ‘6: Two things I am going to try to do next time’. Question 8 contains two spaces for comments ‘a’ and ‘b’. At the bottom of the form there is an instruction reading ‘Now file this form with the assignment and refer to it when you start work on your next one. Then keep it to help with revision.

 6.3 Making a self-assessment