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This is a Venn diagram with three circles. The first, ‘Characteristics of the Performer’, contains the words and phrases ‘Personality’, ‘Motivational orientations’, ‘Psychological skills’, ‘Avoiding injuries’ and ‘Genetics’. The second, ‘Characteristics of Training/Practice’, contains the words and phrases ‘Recovery and sleep’, Practice quality’, ‘Diversity of early sports experiences’, ‘Competition that gradually gets more demanding’, ‘Effective strength and conditioning’, ‘Amount of practice’ and ‘Appropriate nutrition’. The third, ‘Characteristics of the Social Environment’, contains the words and phrases ‘Support (coaches, parents, siblings)’, ‘Development programme characteristics’ and ‘Geography’. The central overlapping part of these three circles contains the words ‘The Coach’, ‘The Performer’ and ‘Sports Performance’.

 5 Coaching and psychology in sports performance