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A line graph is shown with the X axis labelled time and the Y axis labelled frequency.

On the graph, a resource block is shown as a rectangular shape, divided into small square sections with vertical and horizontal lines. One of these sections is labelled ‘resource element’.

The resource block is seven resource elements wide. The sections along the X axis are numbered from 0 to 6, indicating OFDM symbol times. The total time taken by the seven sections is marked as one slot, 0.5 milliseconds.

The resource block is twelve resource elements high. The sections along the Y axis are numbered from 0 to 11, indicating subchannel indexes. The height of a section is labelled ‘subcarrier separation equals 15 kilohertz’. The total frequency, or the total height of the twelve sections, is marked as 180 kilohertz (which equals 12 times 15 kilohertz).

 4.5 4G mobile broadband