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This image shows the tricky topic structure and problem examples for project planning for academia. At the top of the hierarchy is an orange rectangle containing the words ‘project planning for academia’. Below this are four green rectangles representing the stumbling blocks. These are linked back to the orange box with connecting black lines. The stumbling blocks are labelled, ‘knowing how to plan effectively’, ‘conflicting need for control’, ‘perception of responsibility’ and ‘understand value of planning’. The first stumbling block ‘knowing how to plan effectively is connected to two blue problem example rectangles by a green line. The problem example boxes linked to this stumbling block are labelled, ‘non delivery of key outcomes’ and ‘planning done in isolation’. The second stumbling block, ‘conflicting need for control’ is linked to two problem example boxes labelled ‘loss of control’ and ‘planning done in isolation’. The third stumbling block, ‘perception of responsibility’ is linked to one problem example labelled ‘its not my role’. The fourth stumbling block, ‘understand value of planning’, is linked to four problem examples labelled, ‘loss of control’, ‘non delivery of key outcomes’, ‘planning done in isolation’ and ‘funder doesn’t expect a plan’.

 1.1 Tricky topic of project planning