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Figure 8 is a line chart. The horizontal axis shows years that run from 1988 to 2016. The vertical axis is labelled ‘Deposit as % of house purchase price’ and runs from a value of 0 up to 45%. There are two lines on the chart, one for each of the two groups of owners: first-time buyers and existing owners. The line for first-time buyers starts at about 12% in 1988 and rises slowly to 15% in 1993 then falls to 10% in 1996 after which it rises more sharply to reach a peak of 23% in 2003. It falls back to just above 15% in 2006 then rises again much faster to reach another peak of 27% in 2009-10 and falls steadily afterwards to 20% in 2016. The line for existing owners starts much higher at 35% in 1988 and stabilises down to about 30% in most of the nineties the rises from 2002 to a peak of almost 40% in 2010 after which it falls again back to 35%.

 2.7 Housing affordability in the UK