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A map showing a stereographic plot of the Arctic regions. The North Pole is at the centre and the lowest latitude is 30° N. There are concentric lines of latitude at 40° N, 50° N, 60° N, 70° N and 80° N. The ocean regions are coloured blue and land is coloured green. Superimposed on this plot are large white arrows from low latitudes into the Arctic Basin in an anticlockwise spiral north towards the North Pole. These arrows represent the mean wind flow. Mean ocean currents are shown as smaller arrows. With the exception of through the Canadian Archipelago and along the East Greenland coast, virtually all ocean currents are into the Arctic Ocean. From the Russian and Alaskan land are purple arrows marking the flow of rivers into the Arctic Ocean. The size of these arrows represents the strength of the river and the largest are at the Yenisey, the Lena and the Ob in Russia.