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This is a “moving” picture, giving a rotating, stereoscopic-effect view of the lungs, bronchi and vertebral column.

First view shows two pink lungs, viewed from the front. Between the lungs at their tops is the trachea (in yellow-grey) with stiffening cartilaginous rings. About one third the way down the lungs the trachea branches into the right and left bronchi. The vertebral column (in grey) lies behind the respiratory organs. The illustration rotates clockwise.

Subsequent views show the lungs from the right and left sides, with the trachea entering between the lungs, and the vertebral column lying behind the respiratory organs.

In a final view the lungs are removed to show the trachea, bronchi and the bronchi branching (in what would be within the lungs) in a ramifying system of bronchioles with smaller and smaller branches.

 1.1.2 Lower respiratory tract