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Figure 1.2o shows five photographs of a hoverboard toy. The hoverboard has two horizontal platforms to support the feet – they are joined by a narrow, cylindrical section. There is a wheel attached to the outside of each platform.

Top left: red hoverboard with a person standing on it. Hotspot text: Die-cast polymer outer shell that is cheap to manufacture, waterproof and tough to resist knocks and bumps.

Middle left: this shows the outer shell alone – the hollow parts that will contain the actual platforms and the wheels. They are not joined. The Hotspot text is the same as above.

Bottom right – this shows the chassis – two flat metallic parts joined by a horizontal cylindrical axis – there appears to be a joint between them so that the tow sections can rotate independently around a horizontal axis through the length of the hoverboard. Hotspot Text: Die-cast aluminium chassis that is strong enough to take the load of the rider, stiff enough to ensure a stable ride and lightweight.

Top right – this photograph shows the chassis with wheels, motors, electronic circuitry and battery.

Hotspot text for wheel: Wheel with integrated motor which provides drive to each wheel separately and saves space by supporting the motor.

Text for battery: Polymer protected lithium ion battery. The protective cover is light, resistant to chemicals and can be joined to create a waterproof seal.

Text for circuitry: Electronic circuitry to control the drive train.

Bottom right - this image shows a wheel. It has a black, rubber tyre on a silver rim. Between the wheel and hub is circuitry and several small coils of tightly wound copper wire. A short cylindrical section of axle is joined to the middle of the wheel, and has wires passing through it.

Text for tyre: The rubber (elastomer) tyre that is tough and wear-resistant, providing good tyre to ground surface adhesion for grip.

Text for motor: Copper motor coils ensure good electrical conductivity, thereby minimising energy loss through joule heating.

 3.3 The hoverboard