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We use the concise notation for representing argument maps as text from Session 4: MC ‘Eating carrots improves eyesight.’ SUPPORT 1 ‘Carrots are a source of Vitamin A.’ 2 ‘Taking vitamin A can reduce the risk of poor vision in individuals with a vitamin deficiency. SUPPORT 2.1 ‘In 1998, researchers at Johns Hopkins and Nepal Eye Hospital Complex reported a study with 30,000 women in South Asia at high risk of vitamin deficiencies. They found that a group that received vitamin A supplements had a lower risk of night blindness than a group that received a placebo (Christian et al., 1998). OPPOSE 3 ‘Carrots are a source of beta carotene’ 4 ‘Beta carotene supplements will not strengthen eyesight or slow decline in healthy people.’ SUPPORT 4.1 ‘A paper published in 2003 by researchers at Brigham and Women’s hospital, Harvard University and several other institutions reported a study in which a large group of healthy US male physicians were given beta carotene pills for 12 years. The researchers found that they had the same rate of age-related cataracts as those given a placebo (Christen et al., 2003).