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This image is of the maladaptive wheel. The circle is divided into eight sections or octants of equal size. If you split the circles horizonally there are four sections above the horizontal and four below. In each segment there is a description of behaviours. The whole circle is labelled ‘Maladaptive/negative patterns of interaction’. Starting from the 12 o’clock position on the circle the sections (going in a clockwise order) are labelled 1. Parental, Patronising and Rescuing, 2. Over-familiar, Obsequious and Desperate, 3. Uncertain, Hesitant and Apologetic, 4. Formulaic, Disengaged, Conflict Avoidant, 5. Irritable, Distrustful and Resentful, 6. Sarcastic, Punitive, Attacking and Unfriendly, 7. Judgemental, Argumentative and Competitive, and 8. Demanding, Dogmantic, Pedantic and Rigid. Learners are able to place and save a red cross in any position on the circle.

 3.2 Diagnosing maladaptive and adaptive behaviour