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The figure shows four main boxes, labelled ‘inside the box’, ‘standard hardware interfaces’, ‘ input, output and storage devices’ and ‘computer network access’.

The box labelled ‘inside the box’ contains two smaller boxes: ‘central processing unit’ and ‘memory’. These are linked to each other and to the ‘standard hardware interfaces’ box by a three-way arrow labelled ‘data, address and control buses’.

The ‘standard hardware interfaces box’ contains the labels ‘serial’, ‘IDE/ATA’, ‘parallel’, ‘PCI’, ‘USB’, ‘SCSI’, ‘SATA’ and ‘midi’; this box touches the ‘inside the box’ box, which is on its left, and both of the other two boxes, which are on its right.

The ‘input, output and storage devices’ box contains the labels ‘speakers’, ‘monitors’, ‘mouse’, ‘internal hard drives’, ‘keyboards’, ‘sound processing cards’, ‘CD read-writers’, ‘printers’, ‘scanners’, ‘external hard drives’, ‘graphics cards’, ‘DVD read-writers’ and ‘musical instruments’. It connects to the standard hardware interfaces box. The ‘computer network access’ box contains the labels ‘wireless card’, ‘modem’, ‘Bluetooth’ and ‘Ethernet’. It also connects to the ‘standard hardware interfaces’ box.

 5.2 Opening the case