Figure 82 is a line drawing of a column of discs in a specially designed container with a close up side view of 10 of the discs. The container has a round base supporting three vertical rods that constrain a column of 56 discs. A circular top holds the vertical rods parallel to one another. The close up view indicates that the discs are arranged in pairs of one zinc disc and one silver disc with a disc made of moist pasteboard on either side of the pairs. Going down from the top of the column, the discs are zinc, silver, moist pasteboard, zinc, silver, moist pasteboard, zinc, and so on to the bottom of the column. The metal discs at the top and bottom of the pile have lugs for attaching electrical wire. The top disc is labelled '-' and the bottom disc is labelled '+'.

 5.3 An inventive step – a 'battery' of cells