U214 Worlds of English

Timeline Help



The timeline is divided into two horizontal 'bands', an upper (blue) band and a lower (grey) band.

image of timeline

The upper band is marked by lines dividing it into decades. You can select an event on this band to reveal a description.

The lower band shows time in centuries, with small vertical marks indicating events with the first event in the history occurring around 400 AD. The lighter (blue) segment in the middle of the lower band matches the segment of the upper band currently visible.

Controlling the Timeline

Each band can be moved left or right by dragging with the mouse or by pressing the arrow keys or 'Page Up' and 'Page Down'.

You can restrict the amount of information on the timeline by selecting or unselecting the tickboxes underneath labelled 'Ages of English', 'Events' and 'Texts'.

To view the timeline as a vertical list of events arranged in chronological order, with the oldest event at the top, choose 'list view'. If you wish to print or copy the information, or if you use a screen reader, you may find this format more convenient.