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OpenLearn Newsletter July 2007

Updated Wednesday 9th December 2009


This page was published over five years ago. Please be aware that the information provided on this page may be out of date, or otherwise inaccurate due to the passage of time. For more detail, see our Archive and Deletion Policy


There are webcams to win this month! And we have ten of them to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the following questions:

  • The FlashMeeting QuickStart guide gives details of how to use FlashMeeting. Complete the paragraph which begins `It is very simple to book a Flashmeeting. After clicking the link 'book a FlashMeeting'...
  • OpenLearn has made videos from some of its language units available on its YouTube page,how many videos have we uploaded in total?
Email us with your answers.  Closing date for entries is August 7, please see our competition terms and conditions for further details.

Last month's winners have all been notified by email.  Congratulations!


Latest news

New content

The OpenLearn website continues to grow! Since the last newsletter we have added loads more units for you to use for free. These include: 

There are just too many to list here. Why not take a quick look through the  LearningSpace to see everything we currently offer?

This month's top five most popular OpenLearn units are:

Half a million unique users

OpenLearn has now had over 500,000 unique visitors since we launched in October 2006!  Read more...

Print this unit

Ever wanted to take your OpenLearn material with you on the bus, train or just have it in your bag for for when you get a spare minute?  Well now you can!  On the right hand side of each unit's title page you will find an `alternative formats' block with the option to `print this unit'.  Why not give it a try on your favourite OpenLearn unit?

Getting started on OpenLearn

Want to know more about how to use your Learning Journal? Are you interested in personalising your OpenLearn account? We've set up a new getting started page with videos showing you how to do both of these and many other things.  Take a look and let us know what else you want to see included.


Recently we have been focussing on our social networks. We have been using MySpace and YouTube for a while, and now we want to share these with you and become friends with you on your pages. The OpenLearn networks page has been created to give details of where you can find us - why not take a look and join our networks? Remember to add your picture and leave a message on our Frappr map!

For those of you interested in RSS and online home pages, OpenLearn has just become with first University or University-related project in Europe (and only the second in the world) to have its own Netvibes UniverseTake a look and see what you think. Let us know what changes or additions you would like to see.

For those of you who have never heard of RSS, or who want to find out more,  a useful starting point can be found in our Finding information in Arts and History unit.


We had some great feedback from our first newsletter; thanks for all the positive comments! Probably the best feedback we have had is that many of you shared the newsletter with your friends or colleagues. Since the first newsletter went out there have been over 13,000 new subscribers! Please continue to help us spread the world about the free educational material available on OpenLearn by using the Tell Your Friends Form or simply forward this newsletter to a friend.

Spotlight on... the classics

 There has been a groundswell of support for classics units to be added to OpenLearn. Well, never let it be said that we are not listening! Here is a list of some of the new OpenLearn units that focus on the classics.

In focus

Espacios públicos

This language course concentrates on Spanish as a tool for communication, but it also provides some insights into Hispanic societies and cultures through authentic printed and audio materials.


This unit focuses on the French on holiday and French as a tool for communication.  It will be of interest to all those who want to improve their language skills in order to communicate more easily and effectively in French.





For further information, take a look at our frequently asked questions which may give you the support you need.

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