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OpenLearn Newsletter June 2007

Updated Wednesday 9th December 2009


This page was published over five years ago. Please be aware that the information provided on this page may be out of date, or otherwise inaccurate due to the passage of time. For more detail, see our Archive and Deletion Policy


There are 25 Flash memory sticks up for grabs this month. All you have to do is give us the answers to these questions about memory taken from OpenLearn units.

  • Activity 1 in the Memory section of Computers and Computer Systems refers to a PC advert. Which secondary memory device or devices does the advert mention?
  • What are the three key points given in the Your Past Experiences section of the Life Stories unit?

Email us with your answers.

Latest news

OpenLearn has won a platinum award - the top honour - at the IMS Global Learning Consortium Learning Impact Awards 2007. The news was announced in Vancouver on 18 April.  Read More...

The OpenLearn website has been updated with hours of new content including: An Introduction to Sustainable Energy, Giving PresentationsLiving with the Internet: Online Shopping, Spanish: Espacios Publicos, English Grammar in Context, Business English: Presenting the Decisions, Claiming Connections: A Distant World of Sweatshops,and Teaching Assistants: Support in Action.

This month's top five most popular OpenLearn units are:

The OpenLearn conference

The OpenLearn Conference will be held at Accenture in Milton Keynes between 30-31 October 2007.  If you are involved in open and free educational resources and are interested in submitting a paper, please visit the conference homepage for more details.

You say...

Here's where we highlight interesting comments and debates from the OpenLearn community (yes - that's you!).

Jeanette Stewart has been sharing her joy at discovering OpenLearn whilst looking for `free content to place on a website I created to deliver learning materials to young adults in poor rural and inner city environments'. She has gone on to reacquaint herself with her A-Level study around Quakerism and William Wilberforce. Jeanette has started a forum thread on the topic; why not drop by and give your thoughts?

Please note that registered users will need to be logged in to see these Learning Journals, and guest users will need to register.

Jeanette is using our material on her site to help rural and inner city poor - what are you using OpenLearn for? Let us know by starting a forum thread or drop us a line at

Candida Weston has been responding to Dayna Addison's comments on The Meaning of Crime unit.    Both believe that there are unjustified assumptions and omissions in the unit, do you agree? Let Candida or Dayna know! 

Don't forget you can download all the units that you find on OpenLearn through the LabSpace. You can then take out those unjustified assumptions and add to the unit in ways which reflect your own experiences and learning.


We all know that work-life balance is important and that it can be hard to find time for study. This month's OpenLearn innovation may be the answer to all our problems! OpenLearn_daily is an exciting new way of receiving OpenLearn units in bite sized chunks through RSS.

Using a novel approach known as feedcycles, anyone can subscribe to an OpenLearn_daily course feed and receive one item per day until the whole unit has been delivered. OpenLearn_daily subscriptions are unique to you, but no personal data is collected and no registration is required.

Take a look at the Open Learn_daily site to view the current offerings.  Which OpenLearn courses would you like to see included?  Let us know 


So far OpenLearn has received over 400,000 unique visitors since we launched in October 2006. It is your involvement and feedback that keeps the community and the website alive - so please keep emailing us with your thoughts, suggestions or complaints. If you like what we're doing, please use the new Tell Your Friends Form or forward this newsletter to a friend to spread the word!

Spotlight on... registration

You all know that OpenLearn has made some great material available for free, but did you know that there is a whole lot more you could be doing as a registered OpenLearn user?  Registration is free and your privacy is guaranteed, so why not set up an OpenLearn account and make the most of the material?

In focus


Politics of  Devolution

The Politics of Devolution unit takes a look at the process of devolution in the UK.  It relates it to historical developments and the wider context of contemporary events in Europe.


Global Warming

The Global Warming unit considers the history of global warming by looking at the pattern of ice ages and analysis of recorded temperatures.  It assesses the impact and influence of humans on global warming and examines climate models and how to predict future events.





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