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OU on TV and radio this week - 10-07-13 to 16-07-13

Updated Friday 9th August 2013

Paul O'Grady returns to his roots as the Philosophers Arms considers free will.

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Saturday 10th August

Birkenhead Creative commons image Icon Michael C under CC-BY-SA licence under Creative-Commons license Birkenhead: Where Paul O'Grady started his life, and starts his series 10.15pm BBC Radio 4 Inside The Ethics Committee: Assisted Conception & Disability
How far should medical staff intervene to help a disabled woman give birth? Joan Bakewell talks through the decisions.
Do we have the right to have a child?

Tuesday 13th August

3.30pm BBC Radio 4 The Philosopher's Arms
Listen in to discover if we have free will or not. Or don't. It's up to you. Or is it? Free course extract: Introducing philosophy

Thursday 15th August

9.00am BBC Radio 4 Inside The Ethics Committee: End Of Life & Islam
Joan Bakewell talks to those who had to balance religious belief with medical inevitability.
Watch: Introducing religions

9.00pm BBC One England, Wales, Northern Ireland Paul O'Grady's Working Britain: Work
Paul O'Grady brings a personal perspective to the lives of the British working class. Order your free booklet exploring the working experience

10.35pm BBC One Wales The Story Of Wales: Furnace Of Change
The "Industrial Revolution" and its impact on Wales is revealed by Huw Edwards.
Order your free Icons Of Wales booklet

10.35pm BBC One Scotland Paul O'Grady's Working Britain: Work

Friday 16th August

4.00pm Eden Life
Continuing the landmark series exploring the nature of, well, nature around the planet.
Explore the connections on our Interactive Tree Of Life

9.00pm Eden Life





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