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Claiming connections: A distant world of sweatshops?

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Claiming connections: A distant world of sweatshops?

Sweatshops and the exploitation of workers are often linked to the globalised production of 'big brand' labels. This free course, Claiming connections: A distant world of sweatshops?, examines how campaigners have successfully closed the distance between the brands and the sweatshops, while others argue that such production 'kick starts' economies into growth benefiting whole communities.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • explain the main characteristics of ‘sweatshops’, and their presence in today's system of globalised production
  • set out the arguments for and against overseas sweatshop exploitation
  • consider how far the consumption of cheap branded goods makes consumers responsible for the conditions under which they are made
  • show how consumers are distanced from overseas sweatshop exploitation, and, conversely, how the antisweatshop movement has attempted to bring the issue closer to our everyday lives.

First Published: 24/08/2012

Updated: 22/02/2016