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Contemporary Wales

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Contemporary Wales

This free course provides an accessible and lively social science account of contemporary Wales. It introduces key aspects of the economy, society, politics and culture of Wales, providing a wealth of up-to-date evidence that is organised around core social science concepts and theories, to help you make sense of a changing nation.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand some key social sciences concepts, e.g. divisions, identities, representation, to provide a broad introduction to social science subjects
  • understand core concepts of how post-war Wales is ordered, governed and subject to social change
  • understand the diversity, inequalities and differences in Wales and their implications for political movements and identities
  • use evidence and argument to compare and critique different approaches to understanding contemporary Wales
  • understand how Social Science concepts and approaches can be used to deconstruct common sense understandings of issues concerning Wales.

First Published: 10/08/2012

Updated: 08/03/2016

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