Sacred and secular: How to research a blog post

Updated Monday, 22nd June 2015
Find out about the sacred and secular project and how to research law and religion cases for your blog posts on the subject.

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So what is it all about?

This material is designed to assist you to carry out some research and then make a blog entry about a law and religion case. It explains the manner in which you can make a blog entry and sets out how to provide the content for that entry. This includes an explanation of how to read judgments of the courts and how to carry out research on legal issues.

What will the blog entry look like?

Your blog entry will need to be short and to the point – probably between 50 - 150 words, or, if you are making an audio or video file, no more than two minutes long. You will need to make an initial statement explaining the point you have been researching, include some of the “evidence” which has led you to a conclusion and then state that conclusion.

Note: You can view the blogs written by other contributors here if you are stuck for inspiration or need some guidance.

Making a blog entry requires background reading and research. By studying this material you will learn to:

  • find cases and sources commenting on those cases
  • deconstruct the legal case itself to understand it
  • explore what is meant by the concept of justice
  • formulate questions arising from the case to form the basis of your research
  • carry out some research to discover what others who are experienced and have carried out some in-depth research in the area think about the case
  • weigh the arguments to conclude which are stronger
  • come to a conclusion
  • make your blog entry on Sacred and Secular: the blog

It is up to you how much time you spend on each of these steps and the depth at which you explore the issues. We are interested in hearing your considered views on the law and religion judgments set out in Appendix I for discussion and hope you enjoy the journey through the material. Don't forget to upload your blog/case commentary after you've chosen a legal case to comment on.

You can choose whether to dip into parts of the material or to work through it all. Set out below are some time estimates to enable you to decide whether to work on specific elements or whether to work through it all. Estimates are based on an average reading speed of 70 words per minute. They do not include time taken for suggested activities and optional reading. You can spend as much time on this as you choose.

Activity Recommended time 
Read section 2 30 minutes
Read section 3 15 minutes
Read section 4 15 minutes
Find a case study in Appendix 1 to focus on Up to you!
Create your blog entry Up to you!

Once your blog has been uploaded it will go to the Sacred and secular: the blogs page and these will be monitored by our academic team who will provide guidance. You can meet the academic team here.

Learn how to find legal judgments and commentary here

Read up on the cases to focus on in your blog

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