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Waste not, want not?

Updated Tuesday, 28th October 2014

Despite it being part of our everyday lives, waste management is a mystery to many. Try our quiz to test your knowledge.  

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A stack of recycling, with a call to start the waste quiz floated over the top 1000 720 Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Paper bales image (c) Philnik | Put your knowledge about waste management to the test 1000 720

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Some users are reporting seeing a strange error when attempting to launch the quiz - if you see a message saying "disallowed characters", there are three possible workarounds: either try loading the quiz in a different browser (e.g. if you're using Chrome, try Firefox); OR delete the cookies in your current browser; OR use 'Incognito' or similar mode. We're currently developing a new version of the quiz which extends the questions and will remove the need for workarounds.




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