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Aarón Alzola Romero's Research & Publications

Aarón Alzola Romero and Eduardo Sánchez Moreno (2011-05) Fabricating Celts: how Iron Age Iberians became Indo-Europeanized during the Franco regime, In Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium 2009
Aarón Alzola Romero(editor) (2011) Archaeology for the Masses: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to a Neglected Identity Category, British Archaeological Reports (In Press)
Aarón Alzola Romero (2006) Adaptación y aplicación del sistema de cuantificación PIE-Slice, un método para el estudio estadístico de covarianza, In Kalathos: Revista del seminario de arqueología y etnología turolense(24-25)
Francisco Burillo Mozota and Aarón Alzola Romero (2005) Food, drink and the Other in the Celtiberian city-state of Segeda I (Zaragoza, Spain), In Archaeological Review from Cambridge 2(20)
Aarón Alzola Romero (2003) /Whois? Identity: collectivity and the self in IRC, In PsychNology Journal 2(1)

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