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K. K. Jeffries, Theodore Zamenopoulos and Alison J. K. Green (2018) Design creativity, technical execution and aesthetic appeal: a CAT with caveats (Part 2), In International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation 1-2(6)
Caroline A. Heaney et al. (2017) The impact of a sport psychology education intervention on physiotherapists, In European Journal of Physiotherapy 2(19)
Caroline A. Heaney et al. (2016-11) Bringing Sport Psychology into Physiotherapy, In British Association of Sport & Exercises Sciences (BASES) Conferences 2016
Caroline A. Heaney et al. (2015-02) Sport psychology education for sport injury rehabilitation professionals: a systematic review, In Physical Therapy in Sport 1(16)
Nancy Rowell et al. (2014-12-08) Information Reduction - more than meets the eye?, In Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology 1(27)
Mark Rix, Nick Johns and Alison J. K. Green (2013-07) Reasserting freedom? Response to the Prevent Agenda by the UK Coalition Government, In Journal of Social Research and Policy 1(4)
Caroline A. Heaney et al. (2012-10) A qualitative and quantitative investigation of the psychology content of UK physiotherapy education, In Journal of Physical Therapy Education 3(26)
Alison J. K. Green (2010) Language and thought, Open University Press
Alison J. K. Green (2005) Problem solving, Oxford University Press

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