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Dr Anna Kristina Hultgren's Research & Publications

Anna Kristina Hultgren et al. (2017) The drive towards EMI in non-English-dominant European HE: The role of university rankings., In Language Teaching 2(52)
Ursula Lanvers, Anna Kristina Hultgren and Angela Mary Gayton (2019) 'People can be smarter with two languages': changing anglophone students' attitudes to language learning through teaching linguistics, In The Language Learning Journal 1(47)
Anna Kristina Hultgren (2019) [Book review] Reconceptualising authenticity for English as a global language by R. S. Pinner, In BAAL News 114, British Association for Applied Linguistics
Professor Jim Coleman et al. (2018-09) Forum on English-medium Instruction, In TESOL Quarterly 3(52), Wiley
Anna Kristina Hultgren (2018) New perspectives on language and gender: From 'indexicality' to 'materiality' in call centres, In Sociolinguistics Symposium 22
Anna Kristina Hultgren (2018) The Englishization of Nordic universities: What do scientists think?, In European Journal of Language Policy 1(10)
Ursula Lanvers and Anna Kristina Hultgren (2018) The Englishization of European education: Foreword, In European Journal of Language Policy 1(10)

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