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Dr Anne Smith's Research & Publications

Anne M. Smith (2013) The value co-destruction process: a customer resource perspective, In European Journal of Marketing 11/12(47)
Anne M. Smith and Terry J. O'Sullivan (2012) Environmentally responsible behaviour in the workplace: an internal social marketing approach, In Journal of Marketing Management 3-4(28)
Anne M. Smith and Nina Reynolds (2009) Affect and cognition as predictors of behavioural intentions towards services, In International Marketing Review 6(26)
Richard Whittington et al. (2006-12) Practices of strategising/organising: Broadening strategy work and skills, In Long Range Planning 6(39)
Anne M. Smith (2006-10) A cross-cultural perspective on the role of emotion in negative service encounters, In Service Industries Journal 7(26)
Anne M. Smith and Moira Fischbacher (2005) New service development: a stakeholder perspective, In European Journal of Marketing 9/10(39), Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Anne M. Smith (2003) International bank retailing: identifying cross-cultural differences in consumers service quality expectations, In International Bank Retailing: Identifying Cross-Cultural Differences in Consumers� Service Quality Expectations, Butterworth-Heinemann
Anne M. Smith and Nina L. Reynolds (2002-10) Measuring cross cultural service quality: a framework for assessment, In International Marketing Review 5(19)

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