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    Newton: The Expert View114

    Discovering gravity was only part of Isaac Newton's immense contribution to mathematics and science, Robin Wilson and Barbara Allen describe his rise from humble beginnings to national acclaim and pay homage to his genius.

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    21 Oct 2004

Barbara Allen's Research & Publications

Barbara Allen (2010-04) The primary mathematics specialists – what do they think about teaching and learning mathematics?, In British Congress for Mathematics Education
Els De Geest, John H. Mason and Barbara Allen (2010) Using experiential pedagogy in practice-based learning at a distance, In EDULEARN10: International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies
Barbara Allen (2009-06) What students want: a friendly mathematics classroom, Trentham Books
Barbara Allen (2009-02-28) Pupils’ perceptions of setting, Trentham Books
J. Mason, Els De Geest and Barbara Allen (2009) Practice-based learning in mathematics education at a distance, In CETL Conference
Barbara Allen and Susan Johnston-Wilder (2004) Mathematics Education: Exploring the culture of learning, Routledge
Barbara Allen (2004) Pupils’ perspectives on learning mathematics, Routledge
Moyra Ruffell, John H. Mason and Barbara Allen (1998) Studying attitude to mathematics, In Educational studies in Mathematics(35)

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