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Dr Cheryl Hawkes's Research & Publications

Laura Contu, Roxana O. Carare and Cheryl A. Hawkes (2019) Knockout of apolipoprotein A‐I decreases parenchymal and vascular β‐amyloid pathology in the Tg2576 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease, In Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology, Wiley
Karen Horsburgh et al. (2018-04-30) Small vessels, dementia and chronic diseases - molecular mechanisms and pathophysiology, In Clinical Science 8(132)
Alan W. J. Morris et al. (2016-05) Vascular basement membranes as pathways for the passage of fluid into and out of the brain, In Acta Neuropathologica 5(131)
Shereen Nizari, Roxana O. Carare and Cheryl A. Hawkes (2016-02-25) Increased Aβ pathology in aged Tg2576 mice born to mothers fed a high fat diet, In Scientific Reports(6)
Alexandra K. Diem et al. (2016-02-12) A Simulation Model of Periarterial Clearance of Amyloid-β from the Brain, In Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience(8)
Cheryl A. Hawkes et al. (2015-03) Prenatal high-fat diet alters the cerebrovasculature and clearance of β-amyloid in adult offspring, In Journal of Pathology 4(235)
Roy O. Weller et al. (2015-01) White matter changes in dementia: role of impaired drainage of interstitial fluid, In Brain Pathology 1(25)

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