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Dr Matthew Hinton's Research & Publications

Luciano C. Batista et al. (2019) A CRM-based pathway to improving organisational responsiveness: an empirical study, In Journal of Strategic Marketing
C. Matthew Hinton and Deneise Anson Donna Dadd (2018-09) The Effectiveness of Customer Education: evaluating synchronous and asynchronous e-learning technologies, In British Academy of Management Conference Proceedings 2018
C. Matthew Hinton (2016-09-06) IT user satisfaction: Distinguishing between the technology adoption and assimilation processes, In 10th European Conference on Information Systems Management, Academic Conferences and Publishing International Ltd
C. Matthew Hinton (2016-07-01) Exploring the user – IT professional relationship, In Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (MCCSIS 2016)
Ian Corner and C. Matthew Hinton (2015-09-08) Implementation dynamics for CRM system development, In British Academy of Management Conference (BAM 2015), British Academy of Management
Sophia Yan Tao and C. Matthew Hinton (2014-09) Exploring e-business strategies in China: comparing internet pioneers and internet pragmatists, In British Academy of Management Conference Proceedings 2014, British Academy of Management
C. Matthew Hinton and Sophia Yan Tao (2014) E-business strategy in China: Internet pioneers vs pragmatists, In 11th International Conference on e-Commerce 2014, IADIS Press
Luciano C. Batista et al. (2013-09-11) Improving organisational responsiveness through CRM – the dynamics of strategy, information systems, and staff empowerment, In British Academy of Management Conference Proceedings, British Academy of Management
Ting Wu et al. (2013) Isomorphic mechanisms in manufacturing supply chains: a comparison of indigenous Chinese firms and foreign-owned MNCs, In Supply Chain Management: an International Journal 2(18)
C. Matthew Hinton and Ian Corner (2013) Resolving risk in CRM implementation, In IADIS International Conference: Information Systems Post-Implementation and Change Management 2013

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