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Dr Claire Rostron's Research & Publications

Caroline Ann Heaney et al. (2017) The impact of a sport psychology education intervention on physiotherapists, In European Journal of Physiotherapy 2(19)
Caroline Ann Heaney et al. (2016-11) Bringing Sport Psychology into Physiotherapy, In British Association of Sport & Exercises Sciences (BASES) Conferences 2016
Louise Rose Brace et al. (2015-12) Auditory responses in a rodent model of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, In Biophysics(1629)
Louise Rose Brace et al. (2015-09-10) Altered visual processing in a rodent model of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, In Neuroscience(303)
Caroline Ann Heaney et al. (2015-02) Sport psychology education for sport injury rehabilitation professionals: a systematic review, In Physical Therapy in Sport 1(16)
Ulf Wagner, Lucy Baker and Claire L. Rostron (2014-09) Searching for inhibition of return in the rat using the covert orienting of attention task, In Animal Cognition 5(17)
Claire L. Rostron et al. (2013-06-13) The effects of methylphenidate on cognitive performance of healthy male rats, In Frontiers in Neuroscience 97(7)

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