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Profile: Dr Cristina Santos

Dr Cristina Santos

The Open University, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Cristina is a Lecturer in Economics at the School of Politics, Philosophy, Economics, Development, and Geography (PPEDG) in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) at the Open University. She is interested in the Economics of the Household, in how decisions about working for pay, spending or saving impact on individuals within the context of their household, in how inequalities and violence may ----- within the household, and how policy and the socio-economic context can help ameliorate or worsen these inequalities. Cristina is a Co-Investigator on the research project Gender and intra-household entitlements. A cross-national longitudinal analysis.

Along the same lines, she is interested in the Economics of Happiness and in approaches and theories that enrich the notions and working scope of well-being, mainly on the Capabilities Approach. Cristina is currently involved in the Capabilities Measurement Project headed by Paul Anand.

Dr Cristina Santos's activities

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Dr Cristina Santos's Research & Publications

Freda Wolfenden et al. (2018-04-30) Education Workforce Initiative: Initial Research, International Commission on Financing Education Opportunity (The Education Commission)
Cristina Santos (2017-03) Are we empowering women?, In Policy in Focus 1(14)
Cristina Santos (2013-09-05) Costs of Domestic Violence: A Life Satisfaction Approach, In Fiscal Studies 3(34)
Professor Susan Felicity Himmelweit et al. (2013-06) Sharing of resources within the family and the economics of household decision-making, In Journal of Marriage and Family 3(75)
Jérôme De Henau and Cristina Santos (2011-06) Gender analysis of the changes in indirect taxes introduced by the coalition government, 2010-2011, Women's Budget Group
Jérôme De Henau, Professor Susan Felicity Himmelweit and Cristina Santos (2010-05-14) Gender equality and taxation. A UK case study, Routledge
Professor Paul Anand, Cristina Santos and Ron Smith (2008) The measurement of capabilities(1), Oxford University Press

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