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Professor Colin Pillinger's Research & Publications

Colin T. Pillinger et al. (2014-06-12) The Danebury Iron Age meteorite—An H5 ordinary chondrite “find” from Hampshire, England, In Meteoritics and Planetary Science 6(49)
Colin T. Pillinger et al. (2013-07) Light element geochemistry of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, In Geochemistry International 7(51)
James Ian Mortimer et al. (2013-05-22) Investigating the distribution and source(s) of volatiles on the lunar surface, In NLSI Workshop Without Walls: Lunar Volatiles 1
James Ian Mortimer et al. (2013-03-14) Using stable isotope geochemistry to investigate the source(s) of volatiles in the lunar regolith, In Geochemistry Group RiP meeting 2013
Professor Ian Peter Wright et al. (2012-12) L-VRAP-a lunar volatile resources analysis package for lunar exploration, In Planetary and Space Science 1(74)
D. J. Andrews et al. (2012-09-24) Ptolemy: operations to date as part of the Rosetta mission and plans for the comet encounter, In European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC) 2012
D. J. Andrews et al. (2012-09-16) Ptolemy operations and results during the Lutetia flyby, In Planetary and Space Science(66)
Andrew David Morse et al. (2012-05-03) Rosetta - ESA's comet lander mission, In In-Situ Science and Instrumentation for Primitive Bodies

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