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Professor Doreen Massey

Professor Doreen Massey

The Open University, Department of Geography

Professor Doreen Massey's activities

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Professor Doreen Massey's Research & Publications

Doreen B. Massey (2008) When theory meets politics, In Antipode 3(40)
Doreen B. Massey (2008) Geography of high-tech spaces: Some reflections, Manohar
Doreen B. Massey and Richard Meegan (2007-08) Foreward, Sage Publications
Doreen B. Massey (2007-07-11) World city, Polity Press
Doreen B. Massey (2007-07) The world we're in: An interview with Ken Livingstone, In Soundings 36
John Urry et al. (2007-02) What is 'social' about social science?, In Twenty-First Century Society 1(2)
Stephan Harrison, Doreen B. Massey and Keith Richards (2006-12) Complexity and emergence (another conversation), In Area 4(38)
Doreen B. Massey (2006-07-01) Landscape as a provocation: reflections on moving mountains, In Journal of Material Culture 1-2(11)
The Melanoma Genetics Consortium (GenoMEL) and Doreen B. Massey (2006-04) A kind of queer geography/Räume Durchqueeren: The Doreen Massey reading weekends, In Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography 2(13)
Doreen B. Massey (2006-03) London inside-out, In Soundings 32

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