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Dr Diane Johnson's Research & Publications

Ana Černok et al. (2017-06) Microstructural shock features in Lunar Mg-suite accessory phases, In Shock metamorphism in terrestrial and extra-terrestrial rocks

Katharine L. Robinson et al. (2017-03-20) Ion Microprobe Analyses of Trace Elements in Lunar Apatites, In 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

Diane Johnson, Peter Landsberg and Professor Monica Grady (2017-03-20) A Novel Method of Mounting Microsamples for Manipulation and Analysis, In Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2017

Colin T. Pillinger et al. (2013-07) Light element geochemistry of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, In Geochemistry International 7(51)

Diane Johnson, Stuart Kearns and Professor Monica Grady (2012-12) Subsurface analysis by application of FIB-SEM to samples of geological and historical importance, Archetype Publications

Diane Johnson, Professor Monica Grady and J. Tyldesley (2011-07) Gerzeh, a prehistoric Egyptian meteorite, In Meteoritics and Planetary Science S1(46)

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