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David Gowing 's Research & Publications

Owen Mountford et al. (2018-12) Meadows and more: a botanical journal of five days on the Uists, Benbecula and Eriskay, In Hebridean Naturalist(18)
J. McGinlay, David J. G. Gowing and Jessica Budds (2017-03) The threat of abandonment in socio-ecological landscapes: Farmers' motivations and perspectives on high nature value grassland conservation, In Environmental Science & Policy(69)
J. McGinlay, David J. G. Gowing and J. Budds (2016-12) Conserving socio-ecological landscapes: An analysis of traditional and responsive management practices for floodplain meadows in England, In Environmental Science & Policy(66)
Gonzalo Garcia-Baquero et al. (2016-03) Dissecting the hydrological niche: soil moisture, space and lifespan, In Journal of Vegetation Science 2(27)
Emma Rothero, Sophie Lake and David J. G. Gowing (2016) Floodplain Meadows: Beauty and Utility - A Technical Handbook, Open University
Sunitha Rao Pangala et al. (2015-07) The contribution of trees to ecosystem methane emissions in a temperate forested wetland, In Global Change Biology 7(21)
Jonathan Silvertown, Yoseph Negusse Araya and David J. G. Gowing (2015-01) Hydrological niches in terrestrial plant communities: a review, In Journal of Ecology 1(103)
Sunitha Rao Pangala et al. (2014-02) Controls on methane emissions from Alnus glutinosa saplings, In New Phytologist 3(201)
Sunitha Rao Pangala et al. (2013-12-12) Methane emissions from woody stems of tropical and temperate wetland trees, In AGU Fall Meeting

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