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Natalia Kucirkova, Professor David John Messer and Professor Kieron Sheehy (2019) Implementing “The Our Story app” to in-crease children’s narrative skills: Lessons learnt from one English pre-school classroom 25, John Benjamins
Valerie Critten, Professor David John Messer and Professor Kieron Sheehy (2019-02) Delays in the reading and spelling of children with cerebral palsy: Associations with phonological and visual processes, In Research in Developmental Disabilities(85)
Lucinda Kerawalla and Professor David John Messer (2019) Is being a young researcher always a positive learning experience?, In Interdisciplinary Education and Psychology 2(2)
Sebastian Poloczek et al. (2019) Do children use different forms of verbal rehearsal in serial picture recall tasks? A multi-method study, In Memory 6(27), Informa UK Limited
Professor David John Messer et al. (2018-07-13) An Exploration of the Factor Structure of Executive Functioning in Children, In Frontiers in Psychology(9)
Professor David John Messer and Gilly Nash (2018-02) An evaluation of the effectiveness of a computer-assisted reading intervention, In Journal of Research in Reading 1(41)

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