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Dr Roshan Boojiha's Research & Publications

Dev Kumar Boojihawon and Michael Zisuh Ngoasong (2018-03-26) Emerging digital business models in developing economies: The case of Cameroon, In Strategic Change 2(27)
Michael Zisuh Ngoasong and Dev Kumar Boojihawon (2016-11) The Nature of Emerging Digital Business Models in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Study of Cameroonian Cases, In 5th International Conference on Business Servitization, OmniaScience
MariaLaura Di Domenico et al. (editors) (2011-05-10) Organizational Collaboration: Themes and Issues, Routledge
Surendranath R Jory and Dev Kumar Boojihawon (2011) The economic implications of the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa, In African Journal of Business and Economic research 1(6)
Dev Kumar Boojihawon and Vanisha Hanuman-Oogarah (2010-11) Do African managers think differently about strategy? Some preliminary insights into the strategic behaviour of firms in Mauritius, In Leadership and Management Studies in Sub-Saharan Africa
Kelechi K. Acholonu, Dev Kumar Boojihawon and Vanisha Hanuman-Oogarah (2010-11) Global vs. regional approaches to the internationalisation process of Nigerian banks: some preliminary evidences, In Leadership and Management Studies in sub-Saharan Africa
Ushad Subadar Agathee et al. (2010-05) Strategy processes, practices and learning in organisations in Mauritius, Mauritius Research Council
Dev Kumar Boojihawon (2008-09) Strategy in sub-saharan Africa: defining a research agenda for Mauritius, In British Academy of Management Annual Conference
Dev Kumar Boojihawon, Pavlos Dimitratos and Stephen Young (2007-10) Characteristics and influences of multinational subsidiary entrepreneurial culture: the case of the advertising sector, In International Business Review 5(16)

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