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Dr Edward Wastnidge

Dr Edward Wastnidge

The Open University, Faculty of Social Sciences

Professional biography

​Edward is a Lecturer in Politics and International Studies at The Open University, and is also in charge of the university’s International Studies programme.

Dr Edward Wastnidge's activities

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Dr Edward Wastnidge's Research & Publications

Edward Wastnidge (2019) Imperial Grandeur and Selective Memory: Re-assessing Neo-Ottomanism in Turkish Foreign and Domestic Politics, In Middle East Critique 1(28), Informa UK Limited
Edward Wastnidge (2018-11-12) Religion and Geopolitics in Iranian Foreign Policy, The Foreign Policy Centre (FPC Think Tank Ltd)
Edward Wastnidge (2017-06-19) Iran and Syria: An Enduring Axis, In Middle East Policy 2(24)
Edward Wastnidge (2017-02-20) Central Asia in the Iranian geopolitical imagination, In Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies(1)
Edward Wastnidge (2016-05-30) Diplomacy and Reform in Iran: Foreign Policy Under Khatami, I.B. Tauris
Edward Wastnidge (2016-03-10) Strategic Narratives and Iranian Foreign Policy into the Rouhani Era, In E-International Relations, E-International Relations (E-IR)
Edward Wastnidge (2016-01-05) Saudi Arabia is paying price of Iran’s global rehabilitation, The Conversation
Edward Wastnidge (2015-10-13) A cautious Iran ratifies the nuclear deal and starts to re-assert itself, The Conversation

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