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Professor Frederick Toates's Research & Publications

Frederick Toates (2018) The enigmatic urge: how sexual desire works, Cambridge University Press
Frederick Toates (2018) Are evolutionary psychology and the neuroscience of motivation compatible?, Cambridge University Press
Frederick Toates (2018) Lust, Routledge
Frederick Toates (2017-09-13) The neuroscience of sexual addiction, Routledge
Frederick Toates, Wineke Smid and Jan Willem van den Berg (2017-05-31) A framework for understanding sexual violence: Incentive-motivation and hierarchical control, In Aggression and Violent Behavior(34)
Frederick Toates (2017-02-21) A Hierarchical Model Might Cast Some Light on the Anomaly, In Archives of Sexual Behavior 5(46), Springer US
Frederick Toates (2015-01-12) A grand synthesis: aided by considering Systems 1 and 2 and incentive motivation, In Annals of Theoretical Psychology 12, Springer International Publishing
Frederick Toates (2014-09-12) How Sexual Desire Works: The Enigmatic Urge, Cambridge University Press
Frederick Toates (2012-01) Changing behaviour, Oxford University Press
Frederick Toates (2012-01) Language and the brain, Oxford University Press

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