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Fiona Richards's Research & Publications

Fiona Richards (2018-11) Australasia, Cambridge University Press
Fiona Richards (2018-06-06) Max & Mick: the partnership of Peter Maxwell Davies and Randolph Stow, In The Musical Times 1943(159)
Fiona Richards (2017-07-31) Sensibility and listening in England before and after the Great War, The Open University
Fiona Richards(editor) (2017-04) The soundscapes of Australia: music, place and spirituality, Routledge
Fiona Richards (2015-11) Strange Territories: John Ireland and Arthur Machen, In Faunus: The Journal of the Friends of Arthur Machen(32)
Fiona Richards (2015-03) "The streaming of the sun and the flowing of the stars": D.H. Lawrence and Peter Sculthorpe, In Journal of D.H.Lawrence Studies 3(3)
Fiona Richards (2015-02-25) ‘so insistently literary’: the Englishness of Randolph Stow, In Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature 5(14)
Fiona Richards (2015) The Goat-God in England: A Musical Context for Lawrence's Fascination with Pan, In D.H.Lawrence Review 1(40)
Fiona Richards (2013-12-27) Sound and music in the works of Randolph Stow, In Antipodes 2(27)

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