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Dr Fiona Harris's Research & Publications

Patrick E. Murphy, Gene R. Laczniak and Fiona J. Harris (2017) Ethics in Marketing: International Cases and Perspectives, Routledge
Fiona J. Harris, Helen Roby and Professor Sally Dibb (2016-05) Sustainable clothing: challenges, barriers and interventions for encouraging more sustainable consumer behaviour, In International Journal of Consumer Studies 3(40)
Fiona J. Harris et al. (2015-12) Consumer Socialization and the Role of Branding in Hazardous Adolescent Drinking, In Psychology & Marketing 12(32)
Fiona J. Harris and Paul Harrison (2012-07) Positively-framed messages and affect in social marketing, In Academy of Marketing Conference 2012, Marketing: Catching the Technology Wave
Fiona J. Harris (2011-11-15) Measurement in quantitative methods, SAGE Publications Inc.
Nurdilek Dalziel, Fiona J. Harris and Angus W. Laing (2011) A multidimensional typology of customer relationships: from faltering to affective, In International Journal of Bank Marketing 5(29)
Ross Gordon and Fiona J. Harris (2009-06) Assessing the cumulative impact of alcohol marketing on young people's drinking: cross sectional data findings, In Public Policy and Non-profit Marketing

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