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Freda Wolfenden's Research & Publications

Freda Wolfenden and Lina Adinolfi (2019) An exploration of agency in the localisation of open educational resources for teacher development, In Learning, Media and Technology 3(44)
Simon James Cross, Freda Wolfenden and Lina Adinolfi (2018-11-07) Transforming classroom observation and professional development with 360-degree video and mobile VR, In 8th Annual mEducation Alliance Symposium
Freda Wolfenden et al. (2018-04-30) Education Workforce Initiative: Initial Research, International Commission on Financing Education Opportunity (The Education Commission)
Freda Wolfenden, Simon James Cross and Fiona Henry (2017-07) MOOC adaptation and translation to improve equity in participation, In Journal of Learning for Development - JL4D 2(4)
Martin Timothy Palmer Crisp, Kimberly Safford and Freda Wolfenden (2017-05) It takes a village to raise a teacher: the Learning Assistant programme in Sierra Leone, The Open University and Plan International
Freda Wolfenden, Fiona Henry and Simon James Cross (2017) Extending the MOOC footprint: supporting capacity building in India, In 8th Pan Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning (PCF8), Commonwealth of Learning and Open University of Malaysia
Jessica Evans, Professor Sally Jordan and Freda Wolfenden (2016-07) Developing academics' assessment practices in open, distance and e-learning: an institutional change agenda, In Open Learning 2(31)

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