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Profile: Dr Gerry Mooney

Dr Gerry Mooney

The Open University, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Professional biography

Dr Gerry Mooney is Social Sciences Staff Tutor and Senior Lecturer in Social Policy and Criminology, School of Social Sciences and Global Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The Open University in Scotland.

Academic advisor for: Living with Poverty, Secret History Of... Caledonian Rd, The Secret History of Our Streets: Scotland, Town with Nicholas Crane

Dr Gerry Mooney's activities

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Dr Gerry Mooney's Research & Publications

Gerry Mooney and Vikki McCall (2017) The Repoliticisation of High-rise Social Housing in the UK and the Classed Politics of Demolition, In Built Environment 4(43)

Kirsteen Paton, Vikki McCall and Gerry Mooney (2017-11-01) Place revisited: Class, stigma, urban restructuring in the case of Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games, In The Sociological Review 4(65)

John H. McKendrick et al. (2016-10) Conceptualising Austerity in Scotland as a Risk Shift: Ideas and Implications, In Scottish Affairs 4(25)

Gerry Mooney et al. (editors) (2016-03-23) Poverty in Scotland 2016: Tools for Transformation, Child Poverty Action Group

Hazel Croall, Gerry Mooney and Mary Munro (editors) (2015-09-10) Crime, Justice and Society in Scotland, Routledge

Gerry Mooney and Gill Scott (2015-02-19) Scotland - new directions in welfare? 39, Peter Lang

Gerry Mooney and Gill Scott (2015-02-09) The 2014 Scottish independence debate: questions of social welfare and social justice, In Journal of Poverty and Social Justice 1(23)

Gerry Mooney et al. (2015) Scottish criminal justice: Devolution, divergence and distinctiveness, In Criminology and Criminal Justice 2(15)

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