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Dr Gerry Mooney's Research & Publications

Gerry Mooney and Vikki McCall (2017) The Repoliticisation of High-rise Social Housing in the UK and the Classed Politics of Demolition, In Built Environment 4(43)

Kirsteen Paton, Vikki McCall and Gerry Mooney (2017-11-01) Place revisited: Class, stigma, urban restructuring in the case of Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games, In The Sociological Review 4(65)

John H. McKendrick et al. (2016-10) Conceptualising Austerity in Scotland as a Risk Shift: Ideas and Implications, In Scottish Affairs 4(25)

Gerry Mooney et al. (editors) (2016-03-23) Poverty in Scotland 2016: Tools for Transformation, Child Poverty Action Group

Hazel Croall, Gerry Mooney and Mary Munro (editors) (2015-09-10) Crime, Justice and Society in Scotland, Routledge

Gerry Mooney and Gill Scott (2015-02-19) Scotland - new directions in welfare? 39, Peter Lang

Gerry Mooney and Gill Scott (2015-02-09) The 2014 Scottish independence debate: questions of social welfare and social justice, In Journal of Poverty and Social Justice 1(23)

Gerry Mooney et al. (2015) Scottish criminal justice: Devolution, divergence and distinctiveness, In Criminology and Criminal Justice 2(15)

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