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Dr George Revill's Research & Publications

Professor Joe Smith, George Revill and George Revill (2018) Voicing climate change? Television, public engagement and the politics of voice, In Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 4(43)
Radu A. Sporea et al. (2018-09-14) Next generation paper: an augmented book platform, In SPIE Organic Photonics & Electronics(10738)
George Revill (2018-09-03) Landscape, music and sonic environments, Routledge
George Revill, Kim Hammond and Professor Joe Smith (2018) Digital archives, e-books and narrative space, In Area (), Wiley-Blackwell
George Revill and John R. Gold (2018) “Far Back in American Time”: Culture, Region, Nation, Appalachia, and the Geography of Voice, In Annals of the Association of American Geographers 5(108)
George Revill (2017-09) Vocalic space: socio-materiality and sonic spatiality, Rowman and Littlefield
John R. Gold, George Revill and Daniel Grimley (2017-02-17) Music, Maps and the Global Jukebox: Culture Areas and Alan Lomax’s Cantometrics Projects Revisited, Springer
Nadia Bartolini, Professor Parvati Raghuram and George Revill (2016) Provocations of the present: what culture for what geography?, In Social & Cultural Geography 6(17)
George Revill (2016) Engaging climate change: cultural geography and worldly theory, In Social & Cultural Geography 6(17)

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