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Dr Sandi Cayless

Dr Sandi Cayless

Dr Sandi Cayless is a freelance author of science fiction and a science writer. Her fields of work and related research publications have included health, microbiology, public health engineering, paleopalynology and soil sedimentology, and health and safety in the built environment. 

She has carried out research at and has degrees from Imperial College, London (PhD); Stirling University (MSc; BSc); and, Glasgow Caledonian University (BSc). Her published fictional works include Sub Martis: Starship; Sub Martis: Dome LowellSub Martis: Dome BeagleThe Pirates’ Web: Arianrhod; and, The Ghost of Glow Worm Alpha. Her web page is


Published Fictional Works

  • Sub Martis: Starship (2018, ISBN 9781999325909 (Print); ISBN 9781999325916 (Ebook))
  • The Pirates’ Web: Arianrhod (2016, ISBN 9781537702582)
  • Sub Martis: Dome Beagle (2015, ISBN 9781519485755)
  • Sub Martis: Dome Lowell (2013, ISBN 9781492327479)
  • The Ghost of Glow-Worm Alpha (2013, ISBN 9781494303907)
  • Ghost Walkers (2013) In: Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction. Strom-Martin H & Underwood E (Eds) (2013) Underwords Press, Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA, ISBN 9780985893408.

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