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Ricarda Vidal

Ricarda Vidal

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Ricarda Vidal, King's College Ricarda holds a PhD in Cultural Studies (London Consortium/ Birkbeck). She is the author of Death and Desire in Car Crash Culture: A Century of Romantic Futurisms (Peter Lang, 2013) and co-editor of The Power of Death (Berghahn, 2014) and Alternative Worlds (Peter Lang, 2014). She has published on speed, the car and driving as cultural phenomena, Modernism (in particular Futurism), urban space and art in relation to gentrification, as well as society’s fascination with death and murder, and most recently, alternative worlds and utopias. Currently, she is pursuing a practice-based research project into the wondrous world of translation within the fine arts and poetry. This links her academic career with her freelance activities as a translator and curator. Besides public workshops and exhibitions, the project includes the publication of journal articles and a book, Translating across Sensory and Linguistic Borders: Intersemiotic Journeys between Media (Palgrave 2019). Further information is available on her website:

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