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Dr Haider Ali's Research & Publications

Mark Petticrew et al. (2015-06) “Fighting a Hurricane”: Tobacco Industry Efforts to Counter the Perceived Threat of Islam, In American Journal of Public Health 6(105)
Haider Ali (2011-03) Exchanging value within individuals' networks: social support implications for health marketers, In Journal of Marketing Management 3&4(27)
Nina Michaelidou, Professor Sally Dibb and Haider Ali (2010-11) The impact of antismoking information on teenagers' attitude and intention: implications and challenges for designing antismoking school interventions, In Journal of Strategic Marketing 6(18)
Professor Rob Paton, Haider Ali and Lee Taylor (2009-11) Government support for faith-based organizations: the case of a development programme for faith leaders, In Public Money and Management 6(29)
Haider Ali and Sandy Gupta (2008-10) HeartNet: social support for South Asian cardiac patients - first phase report, British Heart Foundation
Qaim Zaidi, Azmina Govindji and Haider Ali (2008-07) Social Cooking Project, Food Standards Agency
Nina Michaelidou, Professor Sally Dibb and Haider Ali (2008) The effect of health, cosmetic and social antismoking information themes on adolescents’ beliefs about smoking, In International Journal of Advertising 2(27)

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