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Hugh McFaul 's Research & Publications

Hugh McFaul (2019) Pushing the Boundaries: Legal Approaches to the Definition of Religion, In Implicit Religion 3(21)

Hugh McFaul and Elizabeth FitzGerald (2019) A realist evaluation of student use of a virtual reality smartphone application in undergraduate legal education, In British Journal of Educational Technology

Hugh McFaul (2018-11) Brexit and the Environment, In Legal Implications of Brexit(2), MV-WISSENSCHAFT

Hugh McFaul (2018-09-28) Freedom of Religion and the Invention of Tradition(1), Springer

Emma Jane Jones, Francine Ryan and Hugh McFaul (2018-09-05) Connectivity, confidentiality and confidence: Key issues in the provision of online pro bono activities, In International Journal of Clinical Legal Education 2(25)

Emma Jane Jones, Hugh McFaul and Francine Ryan (2017-05) Clinical legal education in the United Kingdom: Origins, growth and the technological innovations and challenges of its future, In German Journal of Legal Education(4)

Hugh McFaul (2017) Legal personality, minority religions and religious accommodation in Eastern Europe, In Culture and Society. Journal of Social Research 2(8)

Hugh McFaul (2016-09-14) Lee v Ashers Baking Co Ltd & Ors[2015] NICty 2: Northern Ireland County Court: Brownlie DJ: 19 May 2015, In Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 3(5)

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